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A Lady’s Delights took hold of my imagination in the first pages and never let go.

A strange and romantic adventure filled with queer romance and strange magic!

On the outskirts of the capital of Angliea, the young, proud aristocrat, Cassandra Selby, is the sole living heir of her family’s estate. Cassandra’s secured her home and her wealth from being seized by the powerful banker, Violette Wilemere, through a forbidden dessert: shrunken human beings!

Cassandra’s passion for her servant Estelle, though, threatens to unravel her into madness, and Violette would love nothing more than to leave Cassandra penniless and control her shrunken delights for herself. Will Cassandra find love and fortune with Estelle, or will the very thing that keeps her from debtor’s prison be her undoing at the hands of Lady Wilemere?

A playful, strange, and erotic romance, A Lady’s Delights is filled with pages of adventure, passionate longing, and strange desires that lead to stranger dreams. Indulge for yourself today and see what fans have been savoring for themselves!