Celene sat, four legs folded beneath her as she rested her lower body on the floor of her friend’s apartment. She wrung her hands onto themselves again and again and looked in any possible direction other than her friend Jasmine’s eyes. Gentle, sympathetic eyes, she thought and then immediately shook her head as her heart and belly fluttered in response. Words failing her, she gave a miserable whimper through tightly pursed lips.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” her roommate said. She knelt in front of Celene and held her roommate’s cheeks. “Different people’s bodies work in different ways.”

Celene shook her head. “It’s so humiliating, though.”

“It shouldn’t be. It’s unfair that it’s so hard to get a hold of the typical furniture a centaur would need.” Jasmine offered her a warm smile, full-lipped. The way the corners of her mouth turned up highlighted her cheeks, Celene thought, only to again feel a feverishness wash over her that twisted her stomach. “It doesn’t occur to most humans that centaurs have different intimate needs than we do.”

But it was humiliating, Celene thought. It might be natural and normal for her to go into heat regularly, for her body to become so intimately sensitive periodically the same way other species might lay eggs, or menstruate, or become hyper-sensitive after shedding or molting. Back home, centaurs had furniture to use, in private or personal company, to relieve their sensitivity. She could even have it delivered to her home here; if she paid a bit extra, someone would even assemble it for her.

But she didn’t want Jasmine to see something like that. What would she think of something like that just sitting out, like a chair or a table or a bookshelf, except it served the same function to her that a vibrator or other toy would serve for her roommate? It was easier, Celene thought, to just avoid the topic altogether and wait until she returned home after her exchange session. Surely, she hoped as she had initially set off to go live half a year among humans, she wouldn’t need it while she was gone.

Her body, unfortunately, decided otherwise about halfway through her stay.

“Listen,” Jasmine continued, “if you’re worried about any awkwardness, just think of it as me offering you a massage to help you relax.”

“Sure,” Celene half-said and half-murmured. “Okay.”

Jasmine nodded. “Can you hike up your skirt for me? I’ll go around and have a look.”

Heart pounding, Celene nodded and did as she was asked. Jasmine got to her feet; Celine turned and watched as her roommate knelt down again at her hindquarters. She shivered as the other girl held her tail in a loose grip, easing it out of the slot it fit through on her skirt. “Okay then,” Jasmine said, resting her hands on each of her hips. “Oh, yeah, no wonder. Your panties are saturated, they’ve been rubbing against you the whole time. Can you stand for a moment so I can help you out of them?”

Celene’s cheeks turned bright red. “I,” she stammered, syllables spilling aimlessly out of her mouth. “I mean– I don’t– I just think–”

Jasmine met her eyes again. “If you’re not comfortable with me helping, I can just bring you one of my toys, maybe, and let you borrow it.”

“No!” Celene blurted out, then covered her mouth with both hands. “No, I mean, I just… I can’t just sit on something, I can’t reach behind myself with my arms, but it’s just so…”

“It’s okay,” Jasmine repeated. “It’s really okay. I promise, I really don’t mind doing this for you at all as long as you’re okay with me helping you. Am I clear?”

Celene nodded.

“Can you tell me that it’s okay,” Jasmine asked.

“It’s–” Celene hesitated, wrestled with the word in her head, until the needy, demanding, longing, hot sensation deep in her body prevailed over her embarrassment. “It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll stand up.”

She stood, keeping her skirt hiked up, the fabric bunched up in her tightly closed hands. Shifting her legs until she felt what balance she could on a wobbling, oversensitive body, she closed her eyes and waited. Jasmine’s thumbs hooked into the waist of her panties (pressing against her hips as they did so which felt so, so nice, Celene’s thoughts vividly rang in her head) and pulled them down over her hips and thighs. Soft cotton almost peeled away from her hindquarters, revealing pink, swollen lips that radiated her surging body heat at her roommate. Celene could smell herself, squirming at how gross this must seem to Jasmine. Unsanitary! Her cheeks burned even brighter. Shameful!

She was so lost in her thoughts’ lecturing that she nearly jumped to her hooves at Jasmine’s touch.

“Oh,” Jasmine said. Celene looked back again, expecting to see her roommate recoiling in shock. Instead, the human was leaning the other direction, fascination clear in her face. One hand held Celene’s thick, brown-haired tail away from the sandy-colored hair on her body. Her other hand’s fingers moved carefully over her lips and around the bottom of her tail-hole. “I’ve… honestly never seen a centaur up close like this,” Jasmine answered. “It’s pretty, actually.”

Celene blinked. Pretty was the last description she’d think she’d get from a human. Her mouth hung open slightly for a moment, words refusing to come to her, until she finally rummaged around in her suddenly empty thoughts and offered back, “Really?”

“No, really! Liminal bodies like yours are really beautiful to me.” Jasmine sat up, running a hand back through her hair. Rubbing my scent onto herself, Celene thought, both hearts pounding against each of her sets of ribs. “People always say,” Jasmine continued, “‘every body is beautiful.’ Why should that be limited to human bodies like me?”

“People just,” Celene shook her head, looking forward again. “It’s weird. People think it’s like… it’s like…”

“You’re not an animal,” Jasmine interrupted, “if that’s what you’re worried about here. You’re a person. You can speak to me. I asked if I could help you with this and you gave me your consent. Are you still okay with this? Because I can stop right now if this is getting too uncomfortable, or too weird, or…”

Celene groaned through grit teeth. She was still wrestling with embarrassment, but her body was handily defeating her shame. “I need this,” she leaned forward and whimpered, palms against the floor. “I can feel every little breeze in the room, I can feel your hands on me and as much as it is painfully embarrassing to admit, I absolutely and completely need this.”

Jasmine smoothed her hands over Celene’s haunches. “But do you want it?”

Finally, Celene could hold back no longer. She could feel exactly where Jasmine’s hands were and she wanted them to open her up and plunge inside her. “Yes!” she bellowed, voice booming with breath from all her lungs. “Yes, and now!”

Again, she felt one hand take her tail, fingers gently gathering and lifting it away from her hind. Her other trailed two fingers down along her lips to where they met again, Jasmine’s two middle fingers easing into the space between them to coax them apart. It took little effort; hot, muscular walls spread easily at her touch, the slit at their lower juncture opening to spread the flared head of her clit.

“Look at that,” Jasmine said, words light on her breath. Her inner pair of fingers massaged around that opening, while her other hand moved its way up Celene’s tail to rub where it met her back. “I didn’t even realize centaurs had one.”

Celene, at best, could offer little more than a deep, body-shuddering tremble and a gasping breath. Upper torso still leaning forward, her arms pressing down forcefully, she could feel the sweat on her forehead. It took what last fragments of self-control she had not to simply push back and swallow her roommate’s hand completely with her cunt. She took deep, long breaths, letting them fill her, swell her chest and her front completely, before she could find words again. “You really are fascinated, aren’t you?” she finally said, a light laugh underlying her words.

“Yes,” Jasmine said, her own voice taking on a song-like, heady lilt of its own. Jasmine was just as turned on as she was, she realized. Her embarrassment started to melt, replaced instead by the ability to focus on those fingers, on following through on the will to push her hips back – slowly, not too much, not too fast! – and drink in the feeling of Jasmine’s fingers sinking easily into her.

It was her roommate’s turn to sound out her surprise, this time. She adjusted her hand, bringing fingers together, letting her hand disappear completely into Celene. “You’re so soft inside,” she gasped out, recomposing herself enough to move her hand inside. Each push on Celene’s walls produced moans that came from deep in her throat, deep in her lungs. “Soft, and so easy to stretch.”

Celene looked back over her shoulder, brown hair scattered and sticking to her face in spots. “Centaurs do tend to be well-endowed, you know.”

She shook again as more of Jasmine’s arm sank into her. “I can’t promise I’ll be able to do what another centaur can, but…”

Celene cut her off. “You’re doing just fine,” she gasped out. She tightened herself around the forearm thrust into her, letting plush, pulsing, red-hot walls wrap tight against Jasmine’s bare skin, against the delicate movement of fingers deep inside her hips. “You’re doing more than fine,” she repeated, voice only shaking more.

“Then I’ll keep going,” Jasmine replied.

Moving against the resistance offered by the centaur’s body, Jasmine slowly pulled her forearm back, her skin glossy and coated in Celene’s densely scented lubricant. Palm and knuckles and fingers moved against Celene’s clit and pulled a gasp from her. Fingers thoroughly soaked caressed Celene’s lips; Celene could feel the girl’s touch and sight taking in every detail, every inch of her. Jasmine paused to draw circles over her clit where it pushed outward from between its hidden sheath, Celene’s babbling, gasping noises rising in a crescendo until it collapsed against into a deep moan from her belly as Jasmine drove hand and arm once against inside of her.

Inside, she could feel her roommate’s open palm pressing into her walls, drinking up the heat that was burning inside her belly, letting it soak through her into her own body. She could feel Jasmine pull closer, lay her body over her own hips, arm plunged inside to the elbow. Soft, small breasts rubbed through t-shirt and bra against her hide; the hand that had been at her tail now dug fingers into her thigh. “Is this still okay?” Jasmine asked as she slowed, but didn’t completely still, her arm.

“Yes,” Celene exhaled. She hadn’t thought of Jasmine sexually before; she was certainly pretty, but the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. They were too focused on trying to navigate a human world, and couldn’t linger on her curves, on the way her hips swayed a little walking around their apartment in pajamas as she made breakfast. They’d watched TV and read trashy gossip magazines together, had gotten lunch together with her and ordered takeout from different human cuisines. They’d gone to the midway by the harbor, arcades and bars; gone to outdoor concerts and dance clubs where humans and liminals partied together. And yet, she had never just taken a moment to linger on the woman, linger on this girl, this pretty girl touching her so intimately, who felt so good inside her.

She pushed back until she felt Jasmine’s fingertips meet the back of her cunt. The girl gasped, heart beating like a fluttering bird in a cage against Celene’s hide. Celene looked back over her shoulder, blushing through sweat and hair. “Was that…?” she asked between breaths, eyes open wide, flustered but not entirely in a way she felt ashamed of.

Jasmine, though, laughed and looked up. “I feel so silly, treating this like something so clinical” she said between heavy, trembling breaths of her own. “Celene, do you want me to just…”

“Just,” Celene said, stumbling for the words, “You mean, just…”

Jasmine slowly pulled her arm out, careful as she slipped her hand free of Celene’s folds so she didn’t startle the centaur in front of her. “I said before. You’re a person, not an animal, not a monster, not something other. Why should I treat you like one. This isn’t some… Look, do you want to fuck?”

Fuck cracked through the air like lightning, like cracks spidering through glass. Celene laughed, falling forward slightly, the upper spine she’d held so stiffly rigid slumping into an arch from her front hips to her shoulders. “Yes, please! I felt so silly just asking, I didn’t know what humans might think of how we treat sex, how it’s just…”

“Part of life?” Jasmine offered.

Celene smiled, pink cheeks and dewy eyes and ruffled hair and all. 

Jasmine’s kindly smile shifted into a playful grin. “You want me to show you how humans go down on parts like yours?”

Celene blinked. “Go…”

Jasmine stuck out her tongue and pointed at it, then pointed at Celene’s hind.

Red rushed back to Celene’s face. “Oh.”


“I’d love to find out,” Celene answered.

Jasmine nodded, then stood. “I’m going to get you some pillows. Are you able to turn onto your back? Is that comfortable for you?”

“Of course,” Celene answered.

Her roommate crouched down and patted her dry hand against Celene’s hair. “Go ahead and undress and turn over. I’ll be right back.”

Those moments felt long, too long, even though Celene knew they were just moments by the sounds of Jasmine moving quickly, hurried footsteps going back and forth out of her sight. She occupied herself with getting out of her top and bra. She’d already turned on her side by the time Jasmine returned to the living room bearing pillows.

Now, though, she’d also undressed herself. Her belly had a softness to it that swelled a bit over the top of her hips, breasts peaking in teardrop shapes to either side of her sternum. Celene blinked, though, at the half-erect cock starting to push its crown past her foreskin. “Oh,” she said, surprised as she leaned closer to take in Jasmine’s naked body while the girl laid pillows in place beneath her back. “I didn’t know you didn’t have the same as me.”

“Oh, yeah…” Jasmine laughed. “None of my clothes are quite tight enough that it’d show.”

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, there are centaurs like you, too.” Celene’s words, though, felt far away from her. Clothes removed from between her and the girl, she could smell Jasmine’s own body as vividly as she could pick up on her own scent. She breathed deep but kept her eyes wide open, not wanting to lose sight of her roommate for a second like this. “I know you were going to ‘go down’ on me, but…” Celene started, stumbled, searched for words, “I want to smell and… and…”

Her breath shuddered as Jasmine pressed her belly against Celene’s cheek. “Of course you can.”

Jasmine knelt down until they saw eye-to-eye; Celene propped up on her elbows, legs relaxed and drawn in to her sides. Their lips moved over each others’ necks, each others’ cheeks, until they met and kissed, giving way easily into something potent and devouring. Jasmine’s hands ran back over Celene’s cheeks, combing through her hair, gathering it behind her head as they both immersed themselves into one another.

Celene’s reached for Jasmine’s hip; Jasmine moved closer, gliding a bare thigh over Celene’s upper waist. Breasts pressed together, Jasmine buried her face into the crook of Celene’s neck, the centaur’s hand at the small of her back as her roommate’s hardening cock pressed warm against her abdomen. It would feel so tiny in her cunt, her body so much bigger than this human lover pressing teeth carefully, teasingly into the muscle between her neck and shoulder, and yet feeling it against her skin felt better than any touch anyone – centaur or human – had offered her in her life.

Body moving without spoken thought, her hands took Jasmine by the hips and brought them closer to her face as she lay lounging against her pillows. The girl gasped at how much stronger Celene was than her, then again as Celene pushed her foreskin back and took her between her lips. She’d never tried it before herself, but going out together, she’d caught enough glimpses of people at the back of parties, in booths and at benches and at barstools, doing just the same with one another. Enough, at least, to get the rough idea of what to do.

Jasmine’s cock might have been too little for her cunt, but it was perfect for her mouth. The human tasted luscious, skin warm and sweet-smelling; she could just imagine her lovingly tending to her body as she bathed, as she gently toweled herself off, as she carefully softened and moisturized her skin. Her flat, broad tongue curled around its crown, pressing from beneath as her lips wrapped tight and stroked its length easily between them.

The girl’s breath caught in her throat as her hips rolled in time with Celene’s mouth. “Oh fuck,” Jasmine sputtered out as her knees buckled, hands scrambling to hold to something until they found a grip on the centaur’s shoulders. It was her turn to be speechless, bowing over Celene, panting out heavy breaths around moans that came from deep in her belly and reverberated up her throat.

They moved together until Jasmine’s hips bucked, shoulders rolling back as a thin, salty taste poured across Celene’s tongue. She drank it back, squeezing the girl’s cock between her lips as she pulled them back off of it. She quickly eased Jasmine back, falling onto her pillows as the girl’s taste overwhelmed her senses.

“Oh,” Jasmine gasped out between humid breaths, “Now I definitely have to return the favor.”

She straddled Celene beneath her upper ribs, laughing softly in the floating haze of post-orgasmic bliss. Her hands lay first on Celene’s shoulders, palms flat to the skin, before trailing them slowly around her breasts and down her sides. As she lay back, Celene’s breath fluttered in light gasps as Jasmine kissed her way down from her waist to her front hips, over the great, muscled heft of her body, handling it with a gentleness she’d never imagined feeling so vivid and overwhelming before.

Her legs kicked in the air as Jasmine’s lips pressed against her clit, the human girl’s fingers parting its hood to flick the tip of her tongue against it. Celene shuddered, body jolting in sensitivity as it glided over her lips and flit against her clit again in quick, short lashes of its tip. The centaur pressed her cheek against her pillow, moaning into the cloth as she drew her legs in, desperately trying to keep herself from flailing too much and striking her lover.

She felt warm, as though she were floating in warmth. Each time she looked down, she glimpsed through hazy vision at Jasmine’s face, the girl’s eyes cast down and fixed on her loins. Jasmine hooked her tongue between Celene’s lips, its tip running the length of her clit inside. Her hands spread Celene open, sliding inside with ease, massaging and playing with the supple walls of her cunt.

 Full sentences seemed impossible; Celene’s thoughts were reduced to simple words, to gasping out Jasmine’s name, to long, rolling noises that spilled from her throat like wine from the glass of someone heady with drink and dance. It was all so much, and yet all she could want was more. And, as more hit her, she shouted in reckless ecstasy as pulse after pulse of orgasm after orgasm rocked through her.

Minutes blurred together into a crescendo of pleasure. As her vision cleared and her hearts slowed back down, she looked downward again. Jasmine, likewise, was catching her own breath. The girl lay with her head against the underside of Celene’s hind hips, her cheek to the hinge between them and one of her legs. Her head slowly tilted, eyes finally meeting Celene’s as she smiled with a lewd gloss on her lips.

“That was…” Celene gasped, struggling for words.

Jasmine half closed her eyes. “Hopefully enough?”

“More than enough,’ Celene answered, her voice, her thoughts, her feelings still not quite on the ground.

“We should…” Jasmine started.

“…do this again, sometime?” Celene finished.

The two girls stared at one another for long, lingering moments. Yes, they realized at the exact same moment. That was exactly what both of them wanted. It would have to wait, they would need time to fully understand these feelings.

But they would, they knew. Again and again, they would.

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  1. OMG this was so tender and so sweet!!!! i love how gentle the both of jasmine and celene are. the dialogue and interactions were just perfect <3 thank you for sharing

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