Crossroads Universe - Modern


Celene sat, four legs folded beneath her as she rested her lower body on the floor of her friend’s apartment. She wrung her hands onto themselves again and again and […]

Horror - Science Fiction


WARNING! This story contains material of a violent, sadomasochistic nature; themes of depersonalization and dehumanization; and depictions of dismemberment of a cybernetic body while its host is still conscious. Reader […]

Crossroads Universe - Horror

Hidden Things

Cities are designed for isolation. That’s the beauty of them. Hidden things could stay hidden without actively moving to hide them. Cities are information overload; people filter what they experience […]

Science Fiction


She dug her nails against the smooth, ceramic surface of the door to her cell. A whimper slipped past her lips, her body trembling as it lay across the floor, […]



The door chimed, and then fell silent. Heather waited at her writing desk, tapping her fingers against the wooden tabletop. She’d already received the mail for the day and she’d […]


Within a White Darkness

In an instant, the cool dark that surrounded your bed was pulled away, the cover pulled back in a blinding rectangle of light. You cringed, rolled on your side, pressing […]