Horror - Science Fiction


WARNING! This story contains material of a violent, sadomasochistic nature; themes of depersonalization and dehumanization; and depictions of dismemberment of a cybernetic body while its host is still conscious. Reader […]

Crossroads Universe - Horror

Hidden Things

Cities are designed for isolation. That’s the beauty of them. Hidden things could stay hidden without actively moving to hide them. Cities are information overload; people filter what they experience […]


Within a White Darkness

In an instant, the cool dark that surrounded your bed was pulled away, the cover pulled back in a blinding rectangle of light. You cringed, rolled on your side, pressing […]

Crossroads Universe - Horror


“Order up!” Heather grabbed the ticket the waitress pushed across the counter toward her, scanned the shorthand scrawled there, then stuck the paper to the bar overhead. Life as a […]